What is Jello Skin and How to Achieve it ?

The term Jello skin was brought by the Korean Skincare influencer Ava Lee, after she posted a viral tik-tok video where her dermatologist described her skin as jello, because of its ability to bounce back when pinched, she said that her skin is firm, just like the perfect consistency for jello.

How to reach Jello Skin?

Let’s start with things you must avoid; poor nutrition, sun exposure, alcohol consumption and smoking. Those are number one reasons why the skin loses its elasticity.

The principal factor for Jello skin is Collagen, whether it is found in your diet, your skincare products or your body is producing it, but you need to find a way to include collagen in your life. Some experts recommend eating an anti-inflammatory diet rich in fish, lean meats and eggs, this will motivate you to produce more Collagen which will keep your skin strong and elastic.

Vitamins and Antioxidants are also great for boosting Collagen in your skin, Especially Vitamin A, E and C. Studies have shown that Retinoids are a great way to delay aging symptoms on your skin.

Hyaluronic acid-infused serums and lotions do help skin recover some of its natural suppleness. Hyaluronic acid supplements may also be advantageous to take.

Genistein is a common soy isoflavone that has been shown to provide great anti-aging benefits as well.

Those are only a few of many tricks and treatments for a perfectly elastic skin.

Overall, make sure to include vitamins in a rich diet, always apply sunscreen, inside and outside, and avoid smoking and alcohol assumptions, they surprisingly can  accelerate your aging symptoms.

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