Pure Hyaluronic Acid : Use and Benefits

Hyaluronic acid is a chemical that naturally exists in several body parts, although its concentration is very high in some bodily fluids, such as: fluids in the joints and around the eyes.
Now the impure hyaluronic acid is found in animals, especially Porks, and that is not the best option for people who chose to only use halal products.
On the other hand the organic Hyaluronic acid can be found in various sources from nature, such as the Cassia also called Senna plant.

How To Use ?

Hyaluronic acid is mostly found in the form of serums, which is actually the best form for it preserves the benefits of the substance.
Hyaluronic acid serums must be applied on a clean face, after the process of cleansing and toning. A few drops must be applied and massaged through the skin, and because of its light texture, serums are easily absorbed throughout the top layers of the skin.
A tip that some dermatologists advise skincare lovers to do is not to completely dry your skin from water before applying hyaluronic acid, this trick helps the serum get absorbed fully through the skin.

Benefits of Pure Hyaluronic Acid :

Hyaluronic acid has numerous benefits on the skin:

It is the best for fighting aging symptoms. According to a study, using this acid as a supplement will improve and tighten your skin, as well as minimize wrinkles and fine lines.
Hyaluronic acid is the best moisturizer for the skin, It is additionally demonstrated to promote wound healing and lessen scarring.

All in all, hyaluronic acid is a magical ingredient that gives you a fair skin free from imperfections, the Organic form of hyaluronic acids is as good as the one found elsewhere, it is up to you to choose if you want a cruelty free, and halal version of the acid.

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