Is sunscreen only for sunny days?

Importance of your daily Anaaka skincare routine

Sunscreen is not only important during summer vacations or on those sunny days at the beach; it must be applied all day, every day, without exception.
Are you wondering why?
Well, let’s first talk about the damage UV rays do to your skin:
The skin can age prematurely and develop sun damage symptoms, including wrinkles, leathery skin, liver spots, sunburns, and sometimes skin cancer, as a result of exposure to the sun’s rays.
And did you know that it only takes 5 to 10 minutes for it to cause all this damage?
That’s when sunscreen comes to the rescue, while it helps in protecting the skin from all the damage mentioned before by absorbing UV rays, it also repairs it, reduces signs of aging, and helps even out the skin tone.
All in all, yes, you should wear sunscreen even on rainy and cloudy days, since it is unclear exactly which UV radiation wavelength causes skin damage, and yes, you must incorporate it into your daily skincare routine.

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