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Anaaka in the social media

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In order to be able to reach Muslim women worldwide, we will also present ourselves and our products in social media. We have big plans and will initially provide you with information about the Anaaka brand, our products and our philosophy via our Instagram profile.


In the near future you can also reach us via our Facebook page and contact our customer service quickly and easily that way. We would also like to provide product videos on YouTube and later tutorials and other exciting video content.


We would be happy if you follow our social media channels and actively participate in promoting Anaaka and Halal care. Show your love for the Halal lifestyle and our unique products with the hashtag #anaaka or write to us if you want to cooperate with Anaaka as an influencer.


We look forward to hearing your feedback

Your Anaaka Team


We founded Annaka Halal Cosmetics nearly three years ago, after intense investment into research and development, in order to bring to the Muslim world, and in particular the Muslim woman, the best Halal Skincare products this world has ever seen.

We use ingenuity, modern technological advances, and years of experience of experts to finally bring the modern Muslim woman the Halal skincare lifestyle that she deserves.

The Power Of Essential Oils

The Power Of Essential Oils

Essential oils are great ! They work as anti-inflammatories, antibacterials with their protective antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, they balance or reduce skin oils, depending on how your skin is, they can preserve its moisture, repair it and  improve the...

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Why pure skincare

Why pure skincare

First, what does pure skincare mean ?   Pure skincare, also called ‘’Clean’’, ‘’Natural’’, ‘’Organic’’ or ‘’Halal’’ skincare , means being ethically conscious and responsible of the ingredients used. The formulas of the skincare products are made from ingredients...

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Why Can Everyone Enjoy Halal Skincare Benefits ?

Why Can Everyone Enjoy Halal Skincare Benefits ?

Why Can Everyone Enjoy Halal Skincare Benefits? Halal values have many benefits and advantages for skin health and the environment. Here is why you should shift to Halal skincare: Live a more sustainable and ethical lifestyle. Support cosmetics brands and products...

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